After completing the in-class session, you will embark on your internship. Listed below are ministries in partnership with ISM and looking for trained students. Their ministries range from rescuing victims of human trafficking, children’s homes, campus ministry, church planting, poverty alleviation, slum ministry, teaching English, and business as mission.  


On the application form, you will have the opportunity to rank your preference for the ministry you will intern at. However, there are many factors that will determine your final placement. ISM will work with you to find the opportunity that is best for everyone!


We can tailor your serving time to suit your needs, but require a minimum two month internship.


Your internship will also include weekly online mentoring by our Director.


Watch Kayleigh Boveri's internship through the lens of a GO PRO. ISM 01.2016







Daughters of Cambodia

Phnom Penh - Business as mission - Ministry to young women and men who are sexually exploited and victims of Human Trafficking.
Global Cafe

Phnom Penh - English Teaching, discipleship, community development projects, Administration for CCP, Youth ministry, outreaches




Champasaak - Teaching English, mountain outreach trips (seasonal), Pre evangelistic social clubs, youth meetings, training staff in our cafe, teaching frist aid, teaching motor bike riding, teaching cooking.


Imagine Thailand

Myanmar & Maesot - Teaching English, Barista in Cafe
Abundant Love

Chiang Mai - Children's Home (Hill Tribe children) loving kids, teaching English, living in community
Thai School Teaching ESL, Science, PE/Health, Math to Grade 4, 6

Thailand, Chiang Mai : PAID INTERNSHIP (minimal) 10 months required. School year starts in May - volunteering elsewhere after ISM in Jan for 3 months is recommended before you begin at the school. JANUARY SESSION OF ISM ONLY

Place of Grace

Bangkok, Thailand : slum ministry to children and youth - after school program, food bank.

Global Connections Centre

Korat,Thailand. Business as Mission, Cafe, building relationships over board games. 3 month minimum. Must enrol in Thai language learning while here.

Nikkis Place, Agape Home

Chiang Mai - Children's Home for children with HIV/AIDS - providing care and support to children and Thai nannies.

MST Project

Bangkok, Thailand - Ministry committed to engaging with men who visit red-light districts in Thailand and in pursuing follow-up meetings with these men when possible. Please note there are specific positions available. You will also have to fill out a subsquent applicantion and personal document form.

Bangkok - Ministry to sexually exploited women and human trafficking, outreach in bars, administrative.

SPM Project

Bangkok - Minsitry to the second largest religious group in Thailand, teaching English, working in a cafe, developing relationships with students. Student must be 20 years old to apply.

Santisuk English School

Bangkok - Teaching English to College Students, evangelism, relationship building.


Bangkok - DN- helps transgendered and young guys involved in BKK's sex industry. DN also has a cafe/bakery for onsite job training.
The Well

Bangkok- Ministry to Sexually Exploited Women. Outreach, children's ministry, jewlery making are part of this ministry

Samaritan Creations

Bangkok- Ministry to Sexually Exploited Women. Outreach and cafe are a part of this ministry
Breakthrough Thailand

Khon Kaen, Issan - Poverty Alleviation, Teaching English, Community development in the poorest area of Thailand - PLEASE NOTE: The potential intern must be very outgoing and willing to live a VERY basic lifestlye with Thai people. (ie sleeping on the floor, and bucket showers, no air conditioning)

Creative Life Foundation - Bangkok, Thailand - teaching refugee children, counselling, street outreach, business


Jewels in a Crown

Kolkata - Ministry to Sexually Exploited Women, Jewelry Business (connected to At the Well) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE WINTER SESSION

Church of the Living God

Chennai - Slum Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Church Ministry
Pentecostal Assemblies School

Bokaro - Teaching, Church Ministry, Bible College

Prem Sewa

Nagpur- Children's Home with Frank Juelich. Teach English, Youth Program
Sari Bari

Kolkata, India - Business as Mission, ministry to women who are exploited, trafficked and at risk




Noah's Ark

Banaue - Children's Home - Children's Ministry, Worship, Sports, Teach
Marilyn Curtis

Manila - Ministry in the slums (girl only)



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