jan 2017

Payment Steps: (All amounts are in Canadian Dollars)


1. Application Fee: $150.00


2. Placement Fee: $200.00 (this will go towards your personal budget)


3.  Training Session $899

In-class training
Lunch during the school week
Tourist activities and travel that are a part of the ISM school week

4.  Training Session Accommodation: $450


5.  Training Session Professional Development: $400

This provides for additional meals, transportation, language lesson, international dinners and weekend activities that are a part of the ISM experience. 


6.  Internship


After you are accepted, ISM will provide you with the budget, which you will need to raise for the interning/serving session that is tailored to you. During the internship phase your budget will not exceed $1000 per month. Please note this is the maximum needed monthly. Some internships require only $500 per month, depending on location.


* Please note all fees are non-refundable


Information Regarding Charitable Receipting
The PAOC is able to issue charitable receipts for donations made by Canadian donors. In order to do this, you will need to set up an account with the PAOC. Further details are included in the Acceptance Package.


We can also issue charitable receipts for American Donors though our funding conduit in the USA - RPEC.


Information for Current College Students
If you are planning to complete your college internship through ISM, your college may keep all of your financial records, sending the appropriate fees to ISM. In this case, charitable receipts will be issued by your college, as applicable.



If you have any questions regarding payment of fees/ housing they should be sent by email to All other questions regarding school matters should be directed to